“In arogium™, the exercise therapist is the exercise equipment.”

Are You:
  • Suffering from a chronic pain condition and can’t bear the thought of one more major surgery, another pain pill, or one more excruciatingly painful rehab session?
  • A professional athlete striving for excellence in your field through improvement in your speed, strength, balance, or agility?
  • A busy professional or stay at home mom? Or do you primarily have a packed hectic schedule that doesn’t allow any time for exercise?

Experience arogium™ and you receive:

  • Ease of pain and suffering resulting in chronic pain relief.


  • Increase your athletic abilities and attain optimal peak athletic performance in your field.


  • A quick efficient workout solution to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

I am Renjit Varghese and I’ve spent 20 years creating and perfecting arogium™  to improve my life. Allow me to give you back YOUR life.


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