“Renjit Varghese has worked with clients for over twenty years to enhance their physical and mental performance and wellbeing. In 2001, Varghese founded Time Labs™ (New York Magazine, Best Doctors), a five story urban country club with a one on one instruction based, human performance laboratory in the Wall Street area of Manhattan. Time Labs™ individualized exercise programs combined a clinical mindset with highly advanced custom designed exercise machines. This unique, highly effective approach made Varghese one of the more sought after exercise consultants in the city. His client list not only included high level Wall Street executives but also some of America’s most successful individuals in the arts, media, and fashion industries for whom physical fitness and attractive bodies were a de facto job requirement.

In 2001 and 2002, Varghese experienced two major accidents that left him immobile and in constant pain. The first accident required major back surgery with doctors prescribing a lengthy rehabilitation. After the second accident, unwilling to go through surgery again, to take pain medication or to rely exclusively on the prescribed physical rehabilitation, Varghese leveraged his knowledge of the human body and exercise to aid in his recovery. After having to give up a reality he had never dreamed of, through trial and error, he developed a holistic program that used a combination of elements from a variety of exercise, therapeutic and movement art forms found around the world. By following the program, Varghese accelerated his rehabilitation and experienced improvements in body strength, flexibility and control that put him in the best condition of his life. Physicians, amazed at Varghese’s recovery, encouraged him to teach the discipline to others. Varghese formalized the program, which he called arogium™ (are-o-ghee-um, “without illness” in Sanskrit) and started a new boutique, one on one exercise practice under the same name.” 

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Arogium™ means health or "without illness" in Sanskrit. My parents would tease me by calling me their Arogyam (Sanskrit transliteration) Swami throughout my childhood. To their surprise, it ended up being my life's calling.


I first conceptualized and developed Arogium™ after having to give up my Wall Street Wellness Startup in NYC because I needed rehabilitation from a sequence of events: major back surgery (removal of 60% of my L-5, S-1 disc) after injuring my back during a random pickup basketball game and finding out that I had a dead and ruptured disc, then a year later being involved in a car accident with a gentleman who was going into diabetic shock which left me worse than before surgery.  


When you have a chronic back condition and refuse to have back surgery again or take prescription medication, you will try anything and everything to relieve the pain. Even though I had practiced and experienced multiple modalities, there was an intuitive urgency to understand movement and therapy at the crossroads of having a productive, healthy and happy life.


I had a common sensical epiphany; all forms of movement (yoga, tai chi, neuromuscular training, et. al., therapy, dance, etc.) have merit. Instead of using just one form, why not combine the concepts found across the spectrum and gamut of movement, individualizing sessions based on needs, wants and learning style while utilizing an organic or natural intelligence based technology that creatively eschews the need for most traditional exercise equipment. The sessions are given structure with a clinical protocol for improved accuracy, safety and record keeping. These ideas and techniques combined allows for efficient and convenient sessions leading to accelerated and optimal results.  In Arogium™, you find the meditation, variety of movements, and lifelong education found in yoga, the slow controlled movements of tai chi, the healing of physical therapy, the grace associated with dance and athletics, the flexibility and intensity of the martial arts and the adaptive mindset of jazz combined with the measured accuracy, safety, science and record keeping found in a clinical environment. Arogium™ essentially is an ever evolving exercise art form.


Client sessions are completely tailored to needs, wants, likes, dislikes, activities, occupations and goals. Individualization is key to accelerated results. Anyone, young or old, athletic or non athletic can practice Arogium™.  


Any activity that integrates the mind and the body would receive an improvement in performance, poise, stamina, focus and dexterity. While that is the direct benefit, your indirect benefit is becoming a more alert, engaged and alive human being. Clients understand that physical education can be joyful yet disciplined and requires dynamic, lifelong learning.


Exercise gave me a living, Arogium™ gave me my life back. Physicians, amazed at my recovery, encouraged me to teach the art form and help others in my predicament. The process of helping others has been directly connected to my own healing. I strive to be open minded, listen and learn on my journey to continued better health.

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