Wellness of Business:  improving the health of workers within businesses

as well as the overall health of businesses themselves.


OK, this sounds great, but people have difficulty finding time and motivation for their

exercise needs.  How do I make this happen on a practical level?


Arogium's™ niche is within the business community. Most people work within a business

space and spend at least 8 hours a day there. Productive and focused sessions

(about 30 minutes) leave employees feeling strong, toned, balanced and energized, enhancing their 

workday. Employees can exercise in office attire and go right back to work because perspiration is kept

to a minimum. Employees get in the best condition of their life while at work, another incentive

for them to come to work.


Arogium™ utilizes the mindset of a management consultant looking to improve

worker productivity, satisfaction, intelligence and retention which leads to the mental, physical,

ethical and ultimately fiscal growth of a company itself. Arogium requires a very modest sized,

unused or under-utilized workspace which means very little overhead for a company.

Arogium™ Corporate

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