About Arogium


Arogium is a simple yet ingenious exercise system developed from twenty years of academic and field research. Arogium uses human resistance in lieu of traditional exercise equipment; the Arogium instructor is the exercise equipment. The Arogium instructor guides you through each exercise automatically and optimally sensing and adjusting resistance (leverage and strength), range of motion (flexibility and joint function)  and movement speed (motor control) for an infinite choice of movements creating an individualized exercise experience not even the most sophisticated machines can ever offer. The advantage of this unmatched level of program customization is accelerated results. Optimal resistance, range of motion and movement speed allows for each muscle to be engaged to its fullest potential thus working out the muscle to its maximum benefit. The Arogium client induces controlled intensity from the targeted muscles while maintaining proper form, focused breathing, a relaxed facial expression and a smooth, controlled speed of movement from start to finish. Because the movements are smooth, controlled and efficient, there is virtually no perspiration but yet is cardiovascularly challenging with results that exceed traditional sweat drenched exercise. With Arogium, not having time to shower or worrying about appearance (e.g. sweating out your hairstyle) are no longer deterrents to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Clients rave that Arogium sessions are productive, satisfying and incredibly enjoyable.


Arogium is designed for anyone who wants to get into the best mental and physical shape of their life. Arogium is ideal for busy professionals, who have to somehow balance personal physical fitness with the relentless pressures and time constraints brought on by work, family obligations and relationships.  A basic tenet of Arogium is that that all types and forms of movement and body work have merit and are ever evolving. This is why Arogium synthesizes exercises and techniques from various global disciplines and individualizes them for each client. Clients are surprised by the rapid, visually obvious, and unprecedented results because it seems so simple. Arogium is the possibility that one can simply look, feel, move and function one’s best, in the moment, continually through life; an idea counter intuitive to traditional thought.


".....the supreme goal of all theory is to make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible....."  

The Theory of Relativity is based upon a deep and complex understanding of physics and mathematics yet the theory itself succeeds and inspires because it makes the basic elements as simple and as few as possible. Arogium is based upon a deep and complex understanding of the human body- as well as an even deeper understanding of the rich connections between the mind, the body, and the emotional and psychological state. In actual practice, Arogium is one of the simplest and purest exercise programs ever devised.


Physical and Mental benefits – Beyond the improved sense of overall well being from the physical exercise, Arogium additionally provides a mental break from daily concerns. Participants leave their worries at the door, and step into a relaxing space and shift their focus to contraction of primary mover muscles, breathing, a relaxed facial expression and correct form during each exercise.. This multi-area focus crowds out all other thoughts during the session, leaving clients feeling physically and mentally fresh for the rest of the day and into the week.

Arogium Offers


Reduced exercise frequency and time – By placing emphasis on form and continuous resistance, clients function at their highest peak throughout the session, allowing them to efficiently tone their muscles in a short period of time. Clients practice Arogium on average twice a week. Sessions run 30-60 minutes.


Reduced total time away from life and work – Arogium is clean design; taking full advantage of time and movement.  Arogium uses cool temperatures and smooth controlled movements to virtually eliminate perspiration. Clients can exercise in their outfit for the day and immediately get back to their day feeling productive and energized.

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