"I am a 40 year old entrepreneur that has exercised off and on for much of my adult life.  I have practiced various individual and group disciplines and exercise programs.  Although I have mainly kept myself in good physical shape, I also have had periods of neglect due to work schedule or lack of motivation.  I was drawn to Arogium due to its unique approach and the promised efficiency and effectiveness of the program to improved physical and mental health.  After practicing Arogium two times per week (29 Arogium sessions), I have noticed a physical change to my body. Specifically, I am closer to a six pack than I have been at any time in my life.  More importantly, I also have noticed a greater ability to stay focused longer in my work and personal interactions and experience less periods of negative thinking.  As Renjit claims and I have come to believe, each Arogium session provides a mental re-boot or break that better prepares me to face my daily challenges."

"Since I have been training with Renjit, I have been thrilled with the results. I was an athlete when I was younger and I have consistently worked out both on my own and with other trainers but this is the first time where I have actually seen a transformation. Renjit's methods are unlike any other trainers I have worked with and rather than watching me do exercises I could do on my own he is very interactive and involved in the workout making it even more challenging. I am truly grateful since I feel a significant improvement and have enjoyed the process."


"I have never felt as good about anything as I have about the time and money I have spent working with Renjit. I’ve always worked out during my life, but never consistently. One year on, six months off. That type of thing, and always on my own. So, having an exercise therapist to focus and motivate me was a great leap forward. But not just any expert. Renjit’s method, Arogium, provides for optimum value in a limited amount of time. I would love to exercise twice a week, but have averaged less than one session per week for the last two and a half years. However, I have practically never missed a session. And the convenience cannot be underrated. Renjit’s exercise studio is located within the company I work for, so all I have to do is quickly change, go into the room next door and work out. When I'm finished, I’m back at work in five minutes. And the results have been spectacular. No exaggeration. I am 62 years old and feel better than I ever have . I am in the best shape of my life. I am stronger, have better muscle tone, more definition, better posture, walk with more assurance and have a general level of confidence about what my body can provide me should I ask it to. Working with Renjit has been the most valuable decision I have made in years. A mere thirty minutes of focused work each week – which I love – has made every other waking minute of my life, more enjoyable. Seems like a good deal to me."

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